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Sunday, January 17, 2010

killing two birds with one stone

I'm on my 23th week and feeling very good! Yesterday I even worked on our backyard with my hubby. I was dealing with all the terrible weeds we have... I didn't realized how much I had worked until my legs starting hurting this morning. Nothing to worry about, I'm just sore for all the squats I did to pull/dig out the weeds....  and since squat is one of the exercise that I have to do to help ease the labor (if is there really any way to do that :) it's all good. Mommy here gets her exercise done while the backyard gets cleaned up.

Baby is doing fine too. He moves all the time! Last time we went to the doctor,  it took a while to hear his heart beat, because he didn't stop moving! We heard so many kicks though, that the doctor laughed and said, "Wow, it's hard to keep up with him!" When the doc finally got his heart beat, it was just perfect! I wonder if my baby is going to be an active one... my mom said I was just like him. I guess I better pull all the weeds out so my legs get the strength to keep up with him!

Flowers that Keith gave me!!

Ja estou com 5 meses e meio e me sentindo bem! Ontem eu ate trabalhei no nosso quintal com meu marido. Estava arrancando as ervas daninhas... nao percebi o quanto havia trabalhado ate hoje de manha quando acordei toda dolorida. Nada pra se preocupar, so estou dolorida por causa dos agachamentos que tive que fazer pra arrancar as ervas... e ja que exercicio de agachamento e um dos que tenho que fazer pra ajudar com o trabalho de parto esta tudo bem. A mamae aqui faz seu exercicio enquanto meu jardim fica limpo e bonito.

O bebe tambem esta bem. Ele move o tempo todo! A ultima vez que fomos no medico, foi dificil ouvir o coracao dele porque ele nao parava de se mover. Deu pra ouvir varios chutes. Quando finalmente ouvimos o coracao, estava perfeito. Penso se meu filho sera um bebe ativo... minha disse que eu era desse jeito! 


  1. Just wait until this busy little guy "helps" you pull weeds--and gets a flower instead! Look forward to lots of fun--those days will be here soon :-)