Welcome to My World!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Suzan Mayumi Turner. I'm a happy stay at home (expat) mom who does photography and theatre every time I get a chance. Here you'll find some glimpses of my life (now in Spain), my art, and my work. Feel free to drop me a line or two. I'd love to hear from you and make new friends!

About Me

 As a multicultural person, half Brazilian and half Japanese, and married to an American, I have experienced different aspects of human behavior in different circumstances and cultures. I strongly believe that any type of art should be celebrated as a unique piece. And although our society rejects the idea of being different, my goal is to transform this type of conversation, as uniqueness is what makes us all special and beautiful. I'm a dreamer and very passionate person, dedicated to spend every effort I can to enjoy life in its full potential. I can be very focused and random person. It contradicts, I am aware, but that is how I am. I get very intense doing something, and then, once I get tired of it, I move on to anything that comes up to my mind. It is a blessing and a curse, that is why I believe God put my hubby in my life. He balances me and pulls me down when I am getting lost among the clouds. He brings me back to reality from time to time, when it is necessary, so I can have both. Life is a gift and I am like a kid on Christmas morning. Every morning I open mine to see what God has given me!

My Family

Some random things about me:

- I laugh really loud.
- I love drinking Porto with dark chocolate while listening to a good music and writing random thoughts.
- I'm a mom of a cute baby boy!
- I'm a Jesus Christ follower.
- I love traveling to different countries, eating different foods, and talking to different people.
- I like to play like a kid.
- I like to sing.
- I like to act on stage.
- I like to love.
- I have a lazy eye ; )