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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Bye Ohio

It's time to say good bye. We've spent around 3 weeks with my in-laws in Ohio and today we're leaving back to CA and soon to Brazil (Nicholas and I)  and Spain (hubby). Although I'm super excited to visit Brazil after almost three years, I can't deny that I'll miss Ohio (not the hot weather though :) I'll miss the smiles and the laughs, the talks and the wine, the noise and the kids, the food and the zucchini bread, oh and the beets with hot pepper and the sweet corn, so yummy! I'm sure I will miss seeing Nicholas crawling to Grandma every time she was busy in the kitchen, or jumping into Grandpa's arms to go outside. The image of my baby playing with his cousins will be treasured forever in my heart and for the first time seeing his great grandparents and uncles, what a joy! Talking about language and motherhood and practicing my "portunhol" while my niece learns some words in portuguese are all priceless. Getting called to watch a deer crossing the road and finishing the night watching "Locked up Abroad" with my parents-in-laws, so much fun! I know I'll miss all the extra hands I've had these past three weeks and the genuine smiles they produced on my little boy. Watching my hubby's enthusiasm with his sister, drinking a beer while watching The Cincinnati Reds with his dad, and hugging his mom for pure love warmed my heart! And of course my cute nephew's face in the pool with his papa, unforgettable!

It's hard to say goo-bye, but I think all the wonderful memories will sustain us until the next time for more great moments together!

Thank you all for the support and love given to us. I'm thankful to have you all as a family!

PS: Today Nicholas had his first "big" fall. He was in his booster chair for breakfast and kicked the table and fell backwards. He cried... I cried... and I don't know who cried more (probably me). But thank God his grandma was there to calm us both down :)

And here are some pics from the fam.