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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Enjoying Every Minute!

When I was pregnant people always told me, Enjoy every minute cause they grow up really fast. From many things that I've heard from other moms, this was the most true that I've experienced so far. I can't believe how time has gone by fast! I look at my boy and I ask myself how can this be? Not long ago he was just a little baby! So as I rock him to fall sleep, I keep recalling those times when I was sitting at the same chair breastfeeding him.... he was so small and fragile. Now here I have a boy who wants me to sing, who says mais (more) when I stop singing, who expresses his discontent when I change the song by repeting mais over and over until I start singing again the same song. This boy even notices when I change the lyrics:  he lifts up his head from my chest and with his small fingers touches my mouth. He keeps touching (more like poking) it and saying mais until I sing the original song....  they grow up really fast. Since we got back from CA, he has having a hard time to fall sleep by himself. He was a pro in sleeping solo before. Now he cries. He wants to cuddle, or even to sleep with us. And though its tiring it's been gratifying cause it has reminded me to enjoy every minute... 

And as I rock and sing to him in a hope he will fall sleep soon, he slowly reaches my lips and gives me a sweet kiss... He then melts into my arms and falls in a deep sleep.

He loves eating apples! He eats the whole thing without any help.


  1. You are so right to want to enjoy every minute--and it sounds like you are! How sweet they are when they do these kinds of things. Thanks so much for posting this. It gives us another chance to see how little Nicholas (and his mommy) are doing :-)

  2. What a sweet, sweet story about the song lyrics and "mais". I can totally picture it, too, b/c I would imagine that you've been singing to him, consistently from day 1! So now your love of music is his, too...And now he can communicate his preferences about it! Those kind of moments are the ones that make you go, Thank you God, for this perfect gift...
    And the apple!!! (SO cute, the pic!) Adrian does the same thing!!! The first time I realized it there had been an apple on the floor (don't ask...part of our daily living chaos, ha!) and he was just sitting by himself, contentedly eating away--and that was a few months ago! Before he was even 1!!