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Monday, January 9, 2012

Our New Year's Eve

Some pics from our New Year's Eve party!

May handsome boy!

Me and my best friend!

We exchanged some gifts. Everybody had to guess who the gift was from.

I don't remember exactly what happened here but we sure had a lot of fun!

I loved mine!!!!

Nicholas playing with his dear friend!

Well, here is my dear hubby! That night I was behind the camera and he was the performer!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman with you the Wild Cats!!!!! 

This was sure very entertaining!!!! 

He rocks!!!!!

As I said, fun!!!!!

And more fun!!!!

Even the kids!!!! And this was past midnight!

Even our pastor was into "the games"

The end. Very late, or should I say very early morning!

I have a lot of more pics on my facebook. Go check them out! They are very fun to look at!


  1. What fun pictures--and Nicholas is all boy, no baby anymore! And who in the world is that rocker??? Glad you had such a great time :-)

  2. That boy is so handsome!!! (The little one) The big boy...is wearing some crazy wigs!??!?!? HA!!!!!!
    Oh my, Nicholas is getting soooooo big, and so, so guapo!