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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Church Retreat - Mojacar 2011

Last weekend we had a church retreat in Mojacar, a beatiful village with wonderful views. It was an amazing time where together with other churches we praised the Lord, enjoyed our brothers and sisters in Christ, had a lot of fun, and ate like crazy - free buffet for all meals, can you believe it!!!!!

While I was there, the pastor asked me to take some photos and though I didn't have my professional camera with me, my faithful rebel 450D camera took care of the job (Note to myself, next time, take all my gear).

We had a wonderful worship team.

We had great speakers!

Our Talented Theatre Group.

Great Actors

And the kids also performed a beautiful dance.

 Nicholas had so much fun playing with his friends.

 My good friends.

Almost everybody from the group. 

 Me and Gina, going home.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nicholas in Brazil

I've been back in Spain for two weeks now and though I miss all the delightful moments and people in Brazil I can't stop smiling as I feel the fresh breeze of the ocean. Being away showed me how blessed and loved I'm. God has given me wonderful people wherever I go and I'm so thankful for that.

My time in Brazil was amazing. It was almost three years since the last time I've been there and been back after all this time just filled my heart with joy and love. It felt good to be among my family and friends. We shared many laughs and talks and seeing Nicholas bonding with them was priceless.

Back in Spain life has been great. Nicholas and I still adapting to the time zone and being just the two of us. He is now non-stop and wants mommy's attention 24/7! It's tiring some days and oh how I miss the many helpful hands that I had all this time (Brazil and Ohio: ) But though It's been a lot of work taking care of my sweet little ball of energy I'm so happy here! I feel so in ease. Our life style here pushes us to slow down to contemplate the pleasures of life : walking on streets, lunch with friends, watching the moon light over the ocean, enjoying church...

It's tough to live far away from our both families (and we can't wait to visit all of them again) but we got good friends that care about us like family. For that I give thanks to God! I felt loved back home in Brazil and arriving here not only from my hubby but from all of them.

Now some pics from our time with family and friends!

 Nicholas in a bassinet in the airplane watching Pocoyo! 

Getting a haircut! We needed 4 people to hold him!
 Taking a cold bath and having fun!

 Nicholas got another 1st birthday party! 

 I just looooooooove this pic!!!! Nicholas having a blast with Tio Conho!

 We spent some time with my dad!

 Nicholas with his aunt, tia Aya.

 Playing with his friend, Mariana.