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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Lately I've been asked the same questions over and over again... so I thought, why not blog about it?! So here they are:

1. What is like now to be a mom?
No joke, everyone that I've talked to after I had my baby asked the same question and my answer is always the same: IT'S GREAT, THE BEST THING EVER!!!! It's a deep love that I've never experienced before.  My mother's instinct kicked in as soon as he was born. Even my mom told me she is so impressed in how I've been handling things! It's a such deep and powerful love that I feel like I've been a mom for so many years. Of course I'm not saying I know everything about motherhood, cause I really don't, but I can affirm that now I know what is a true mom's love for her baby! It's just a GREAT feeling ever!

2. How was your labor?
Ha, I always smile when someone ask me that! Well my labor was very interesting, very different from what I've heard and read! First I thought he was going to be born in my 37/38 weeks cause of all my fake contractions and how low he was, but boy was I wrong! He was 2 days overdue. My earlier labor started with very painful contractions (nothing like what the class, books, and friends told me: "oh, the first ones are not that bad, you can even maintain a conversation") I went to the hospital with 4 minutes contractions and after they assessed me, they sent me home cause I wasn't dilated! I got home and went to the tub to alleviate the pain and it helped a lot; however, my contractions were getting so strong, long and close a part  (2 minutes) that was impossible to bear, plus I was feeling a lot pressure down there. We headed to the hospital and I was sure that I had dilated by now. Well, I had... only 1/2 centimeter... I couldn't believe it! I told my dear hubby that had tears in his eyes while watching my agony, "Do not let them send me home!" He advocated for me, telling the nurse that I had a high tolerance for pain so if I was crying that's because I was in a real pain! She explained the reason I was having such strong contractions in the early stage was because I was having the back labor, the baby was facing up and already very low. Well, to cut a long story short, they finally admitted me and gave me the sweet epidural and put me on Pitocin to increase even more my contractions to dilate. After 16 hours of labor, i had my beautiful baby boy!  Now, I wasn't planing in getting the epidural so soon. I wanted to go as far as could without it, but after 8 hours with strong contractions and no dilation, I said I felt enough, now give me the drug! And it was the best decision!

3. What colors are baby's eyes?
It's gray! Well, I don't know yet! Some times it's green. But I think if it was suppose to be blue it'd be brighter by now.

4. Are you still working as a photographer?
Heck yes! And I want expand my business and start taking wedding photos, so spread the word, folks! If there are any bride and groom looking for an artistic soul to capture their big day, drop me a line!

5. What about theatre?
Oh, my affair with theatre will always endure no matter what. Right now I'm taking time from the stage as an actor but I'll be doing some playwriting/directing for some projects.

6. When are you going back to Brazil?
My heart aches when I think about Brazil. How I miss my people! The last time that I've been down there was Christmas 2008. Now since the baby is too young we decided not to travel for a while. But hopefully next year. I miss my f/f like crazy! I love reading your comments on Orkut (sorta like facebook network) and thanks for the emails! i love you all!

7. So, are you American now?
The rumors are true I became a "gringa" ... well at least on paper, cause my look and my accent can't pass as an American! It was a personal decision that I made that was best for me and my family! I'm proud to be half Brazilian and half Japanese and now an American too. As I said I miss Brazil like crazy but since God brought me here I better serve the community around me and getting an American citizenship give me the freedom to do so! "We the people"

Okay, I typed too much.

Happy Weds, folks!

Me and Haruki-chan at downtown Disney.  I love this breastfeeding cover! It goes everywhere with me now!


Nos passeando em  downtown Disney. Esse paninho verde e pra mae se cubrir enquanto esta amamentando! Carrego comigo pra qualquer lugar que vou!

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Now I'll have to think up new ones for when we come out to see you :-)

    Glad you're enjoying motherhood and still able to pursue photography/theater, too. Keep up the good work.

    See you soon. Can't wait! Maybe we'll know the true color of Nicholas' eyes by then?