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Monday, January 30, 2012

Exploring Switzerland with a Toddler!

Last year my hubby needed to travel for his work and I as a good wife that I am went to make him some company! What a sacrifice we wives have to do, right? hehehehe...

But the truth is we had a pleasant time together as a family! Nicholas is big enough now to enjoy it. He is very curious and I love watching him explore all of theses new places we're taking him. We flew to Geneva, Switzerland then rented a car and drove to Marseille, South of France. From there, we stopped at Monaco and stayed a night in Nice (Since Monaco is crazy expensive). Then drove up to Milan, Italy and then back to Geneva. The good thing of driving was we could see a lot of the breathtaking views from French Riviera and the country side of France and Italy, but the down side.... a lot of tollroad! We had to pay an expensive fee to go through a huge tunnel, that later we learned it was the Mont Blanc Tunnel, a road tunnel in the Alpes. And the funny/silly thing was that hubby and I were like how much did you say? But we're just crossing it... we didn't know if we were on a wrong road going to a ski resort or something. Dummy Tourists!

Switzerland is the most beautiful country that I've been so far!!!! And we explored only few places around the Lake Geneva Region. For me the highlight was the Chateau de Chillon (Chillon Castle). Goregeous!!! A castle by the lake with extraordinary views all around.

Here are some pics from Switzerland. I'll try to post more pics from the other places.
Cold Night in Geneva
Chillon Castle
Inside of the Castle! It's gorgeous
Nicholas was our lil explorer!

What a view!

Montreux, a charming place with wonderful views too! Food in Switzerland is really expensive even at Mc Donald's.
Nicholas enjoyed every minute of it!
As we went to hide from the cold by getting some coffee our lil guy quickly made some new friends.
He even tried to ride his new friend's scooter.

Here is Lausanne. I was solo with Nicholas in this hilly town while dear hubby was at work. So after he dropped us off somewhere in the city, Nicholas and I went exploring it. I didn't know exactly where we were and got a litlle lost. But from getting lost I was able to see some interesting side of Lausanne. Like the smiley window (top left). My goal was to see the cathedral but talking to some Swiss moms, who were all very nice, convinced me it'd be impossible to get there by pushing a stroller. They all were in a good shape and I really think it's from pushing strollers up and down the hills everyday!

Since I couldn't do much in the center of Lausanne, I decided to get a metro and went to see the cost side. Again, beautiful views of the Alpes! Nicholas had a lot of fun watching the birds/ducks/geese and running cheerfully that by the time we were heading back to meet with his papai he was worn out!

My Everyday joy! How can I resist him?!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Our New Year's Eve

Some pics from our New Year's Eve party!

May handsome boy!

Me and my best friend!

We exchanged some gifts. Everybody had to guess who the gift was from.

I don't remember exactly what happened here but we sure had a lot of fun!

I loved mine!!!!

Nicholas playing with his dear friend!

Well, here is my dear hubby! That night I was behind the camera and he was the performer!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman with you the Wild Cats!!!!! 

This was sure very entertaining!!!! 

He rocks!!!!!

As I said, fun!!!!!

And more fun!!!!

Even the kids!!!! And this was past midnight!

Even our pastor was into "the games"

The end. Very late, or should I say very early morning!

I have a lot of more pics on my facebook. Go check them out! They are very fun to look at!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Enjoying Every Minute!

When I was pregnant people always told me, Enjoy every minute cause they grow up really fast. From many things that I've heard from other moms, this was the most true that I've experienced so far. I can't believe how time has gone by fast! I look at my boy and I ask myself how can this be? Not long ago he was just a little baby! So as I rock him to fall sleep, I keep recalling those times when I was sitting at the same chair breastfeeding him.... he was so small and fragile. Now here I have a boy who wants me to sing, who says mais (more) when I stop singing, who expresses his discontent when I change the song by repeting mais over and over until I start singing again the same song. This boy even notices when I change the lyrics:  he lifts up his head from my chest and with his small fingers touches my mouth. He keeps touching (more like poking) it and saying mais until I sing the original song....  they grow up really fast. Since we got back from CA, he has having a hard time to fall sleep by himself. He was a pro in sleeping solo before. Now he cries. He wants to cuddle, or even to sleep with us. And though its tiring it's been gratifying cause it has reminded me to enjoy every minute... 

And as I rock and sing to him in a hope he will fall sleep soon, he slowly reaches my lips and gives me a sweet kiss... He then melts into my arms and falls in a deep sleep.

He loves eating apples! He eats the whole thing without any help.