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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Truck Themed Party for His 2nd Birthday!

Nicholas loves trucks so for his 2nd birthday we had a truck themed party! I made all the decorations, cake, cake pops, cupcakes, "brigadeiro", marshmallow with candy melts.... it was a lot of work but so worth it! Also we had a big road all over our living room with trucks, cars, bus....  the kids had a blast!
My fondant truck cake.... so much work!!!! But when Nicholas saw it for the first time.... oh my what a joy! 
The road started from the entrance leading to the living room where the party was!

We had some hot dogs, chips, "Tortilla" (the Spanish Omelet), popcorn, pizza, and olives. Everything was really good, thanks to "Mercadona" (A Spanish Supermarket)
Everybody seemed to be having fun!

As always we sang Happy Birthday in three languages!
Time to open the gifts!!!! Trucks, cars, play tent, clothes (yay, mommy and pappy were very happy), shoes, book, beach toy, piano, cups and plates.... WOW!!!!

Look at the sign of the first pic! So cute, this lil guy wrote it himself!   

It was a lot of work but I'd do it again just to see my little boy having fun like he had! Look at his face!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Children Photo Shoot: Águilas, Spain

Dina is a cute little girl and a good friend of Nicholas. Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to snap some pics of her! She wasn't as much excited to take photos as she was to play with Nicholas' tricycle! But she is so cute that even the silly faces shots turned out good!

When I look at these photos, they bring a warm smile to my face! I hope they will do the same for you!