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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Safari Party for His 1st Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated my baby's first birthday (his actual birthday is tomorrow though). What a fun party we had. Safari was the theme and I made all the decorations for the party plus the food. Also I made the cake. My first fondant cake! What an experience that was! A lot of work but so worth it. Everybody seemed to like it and my lil boy had a piece and looooove it!
Many friends came and we were very happy! Nicholas loved playing with the other kids and opening all his gifts!
The party was perfect! Simple but cute and fun!!!! We recorded everybody saying something for Nicholas so when his older he can watch it!

Here are some of pics of the day!

PS: Some pics I took and some a friend of mine. Since I knew it'd be hard to enjoy the party with my baby and take photos at the same time, I asked my friend to take some for me. Gracias Andrea! Also, thanks for the help with the food! You and Gina were very helpful!

The Sweet Table!

My first fondant cake! Safari Theme!

Playing with Dina!

Some love from a cute Española!

Keith giving a wonderful speech that made me cry!

My beautiful family!

Singing Happy Birthday! We sang in 3 languages!

Time to open the gifts!

A lil help from his buddy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

In Spain they celebrate Mother's Day on first Sunday of May, so it was last weekend. Well since we didn't know it, we're celebrating today as in USA and in Brazil!
My hubby and baby made me a special breakfast with pancakes and omelette! Yum! It was delicious! And gave me a handmade  bag (He knows how I love them). I also got many wonderful hugs from my sweet boy! I was lil busy yesterday working on his birthday decorations for next week that I didn't spend much time with him. So today he was all sugar sugar with mommy! So cute, he literally hugged me and stayed still for couple seconds. Best gift ever!

So for all the moms out there, here are some digital flowers!!!! Photos taken at Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

Happy Mother's Day!

PS: Mae, te amo!!!! Feliz dia das Maes!!!!!