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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exploring Edinburgh with a Baby!

It's possible to travel with a baby and have fun at the same time! We went to Edinburgh, Scotland for 5 days with our lil Nicholas!

Edinburrah (that's how they pronounce it) is a very charming city. A place with wonderful architecture, history, and wonderful views.

Walking is the best way to explore it. We walked carrying Nicholas all the time. He loved it!!!

We went to museums...


And for a long hiking at Holyrood Park.

Nicholas was very comfy that by the time we got to the top of Arthur's seat he was taking a nap!

I really love our Ergo baby carrier. I carried my heavy boy with no stress on my back and shoulders all the way to the top and down. Perfect for hiking!

After a long walk our legs were wearing!  Time to get some coffee!

Around Edinburgh streets we found so many interesting things. From Man in Kilts...

... to Girls loving Justin Beber

And a Street Church. We talked to a nice lady for while that told us the Pastor was an American from Cinncinati!

We were brave enough to try Haggis and for my surprise it was quite tasty.

Edinburgh has a Gorgeous Castle.

We walked so much that by the end of the day we were exhausted! Even lil Nicholas.

Nicholas did so well during the whole trip. Always happy, always smiling. On the airplane he loved sitting by the window.

Traveling with my lil guy was very fun! As my hubby said, he loves traveling just like us. I look forward for more trips with my two handsome boys!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Again!

Hello you all! It's been a while since my last written post and I apologize for that. But I do have a good excuse... I've been so busy enjoying and exploring life here that I always postpone for mañana (tomorrow). I guess I'm already living the Spanish mañana approach : ) 
Life here has been wonderful. We found our place in a charming town called Aguilas. We also found a church and we're making some new good friends. God for sure has been blessing us and we can see his guidance throughout this journey.  

Our place is across the beach! Some thing we're very excited about it. Every day I go for a walk/jog with Nicholas. Our lifestyle definitely changed.  I pretty much don't have to drive anymore cause I can walk to do everything I want. From grocery shopping to dining out. It's been great! I go almost everyday to get fresh fruits, veggies, and bread! People here really appreciate a good food. They take their time at the table, and no kidding, stores shut down for the two hours siesta. You don't find much fast food. If you want to eat out you got to have time cause eating is a slow and relaxing activity. 
People are very laid back too. We always hear, Nao passa nada* (No problem, or that's okay, or don't worry about it). I feel like they know how to really enjoy life... choose what it is really worth to worry about and the rest just let it be. Well maybe not like that but I do feel they just don't get mad for small things as Americans and Brazilians do. 

Our church from the beginning was very welcoming! We actually found it through following strangers that soon we became friends with. We saw them walking by and we both felt like they were coming or going from/to church. We decided to follow them (I know it sounds weird but you gotta do what the Holy voice says : ) We felt at home. It's a very multicultural  church. We met people from Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Holland, France, Africa, Indonesia, Spain of course, and even Brazil (seriously, Brazilians are everywhere). They were so nice that I don't think I've ever been in a church where people were so warming. And I'm from Brazil where it's known for a very warm heart culture! 

So little by little our lives are setting in. Nicholas throughout this whole transition has given us no trouble. I'm so impressed with this lil guy! He is always with a smile, making loud noises, and waving at everyone! I guess he is as happy as his parents are! Some how he got our adventure spirit!

Some "OOPS" 
- Keith almost went to jail!!!! Not really! But the security had to hand check him when the alarm went off when he was exiting the market. Some how the new sweater that I got him for father's day (Here is in March) had a little tag with an alarm on. I still don't know where it was though. They just took it off and said Nao passa nada*!

- Tapas are small sized dishes that you can eat between meals. We stopped to get a bite in a small coffee bar at Murcia. Keith ordered a tapa of tuna. Once the waitress brought it, it was pretty much tuna from a can on a white plate. Keith thought it'be something very spanish! I look at Keith and started laughing and said, If you want some tapas I can cook for you... (he got excited)... yeah, I think we got some tuna can at home!!!! 

Ps: We had a wonderful trip to Scotland.... so soon I'll be posting pics!
* No Passa Nada. My hubby read this post and corrected my Portunhol (Spanish+Portuguese : )

And here some pics from Aguilas!

going for a walk

When we found the church there was no sign! They put after we told them how we found it! I guess no more following strangers now!

My happy boy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Guapo Boy!

Everywhere we go we always hear two words about Nicholas: "guapo" (handsome) and "simpatico" (nice).  So here are some pics from my guapo and simpatico lil boy!







PS: We're doing really good here in Spain! I'll have another post soon with some sweet details!