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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exploring Edinburgh with a Baby!

It's possible to travel with a baby and have fun at the same time! We went to Edinburgh, Scotland for 5 days with our lil Nicholas!

Edinburrah (that's how they pronounce it) is a very charming city. A place with wonderful architecture, history, and wonderful views.

Walking is the best way to explore it. We walked carrying Nicholas all the time. He loved it!!!

We went to museums...


And for a long hiking at Holyrood Park.

Nicholas was very comfy that by the time we got to the top of Arthur's seat he was taking a nap!

I really love our Ergo baby carrier. I carried my heavy boy with no stress on my back and shoulders all the way to the top and down. Perfect for hiking!

After a long walk our legs were wearing!  Time to get some coffee!

Around Edinburgh streets we found so many interesting things. From Man in Kilts...

... to Girls loving Justin Beber

And a Street Church. We talked to a nice lady for while that told us the Pastor was an American from Cinncinati!

We were brave enough to try Haggis and for my surprise it was quite tasty.

Edinburgh has a Gorgeous Castle.

We walked so much that by the end of the day we were exhausted! Even lil Nicholas.

Nicholas did so well during the whole trip. Always happy, always smiling. On the airplane he loved sitting by the window.

Traveling with my lil guy was very fun! As my hubby said, he loves traveling just like us. I look forward for more trips with my two handsome boys!!!!


  1. I really liked this trip to Scotland! My parents are so cool! (Especially my dad) I want to go to Paris next!!


  2. Hey, those are some really great pictures! Nicholas is sooo smiley in almost all of the shots (except the sleeping one!) Wow, the scenery pix are amazing...brought back some memories b/c I was in Edinburrah (ha), sooooo long ago and only for a day, so didn't see near as much as you guys...but I remember the men w/ bagpipes on the street!!! I have a similar picture!!
    Looks like it was so much fun, with all the hiking and stuff...*sigh* maybe someday I'll get back there with Rufino and fam! :)

    P.S. Hey *Nicholas*, since you look like you're into blogs now, check out mine once in a while! ha! Oh yeah, I think your grandma has one too! 3 in one fam!

  3. Oh, thanks so much for the pictures of your "extra" trip! We so much enjoy a taste of your adventures this way--and seeing our precious Nicholas. Thank you, thank you!

    And there's a pastor in Edinburgh from Cincinnati? What a coincidence.

    Oh, and I agree with supermom, Nicholas--come check out our blogs sometime, too :-)

    Love you guys!