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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I can't sleep...

I can't sleep.... there are so many things in my mind that don't allow me too! I'm too excited and too anxious... and also amazed with some people life puts in my life! First, I'm almost 37 weeks prego and so ready to have this baby! It's getting uncomfortable now with all the aches and excitement of the pregnancy! I can't wait to see my little boy! I'm also curious how my labor is going to be! I'm not afraid... but really curious! Since each women that I talked to had a different experience, I wonder how mine is going to be like! Second, I have a big thing ahead of me today that I'll share it later.... nothing to worry about but it just makes me anxious :) Third, I'm amazed with what jealous people can do.... I have wonderful people in my life and always say how blessed I'm. But I also have some people that I'm learning to deal with... Real friends always are happy and want to see you grow and grow! My best friends are so important and they are always rooting for me! However, I have some people that for some reason are always trying to get closer to me but there is no real love, only jealousy. I pray God can change their hearts so they can see that spending time and effort being jealous or envious at someone don't add anything to their lives :) Okay, now let me go back to bed and see if I can sleep!

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