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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a life!!!

Wow, Nicholas is 16 days old and has done so much fun stuff!!! Here are some pics:

Skyping with fam in Ohio...

Watching Lakers with papai (daddy)...

... and taking a nap.... (I didn't pose him, he did that on his own :)

Hanging out with his cousin Angelica....

... and going for a 40 mins walk with mamae (mommy).... he slept the entire time! I loved this wrap... didn't before and was going to return it, but after watching some tutorials on youtube and getting it right, now it's my fav!!!


  1. Thanks so much for more pics--it's such fun to see how Nicholas is doing--plus one of Angelica and Nicholas together! Love it :-)

    Can't wait. Won't be long until we are there in person!

  2. I'm glad the wrap worked out afterall! Looks like he's very cozy in there!! Did you enjoy your walk? I remember some of my fondest memories from when Angelica was that age was when we went out for walks..awwww...love the pic with them together too, she still talks about him!
    Oh, and just one *minor* correction--I believe that Nicholas was actually skyping with family in KENTUCKY that particular time hahaha