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Monday, October 17, 2011

Todos con Lorca: La Isla, Aguilas

Last Wednesday we had a concert to get some funds to help out the city of Lorca that suffered the earthquake couple months ago. We had many talented people from cities around that sang beautifully. We were all there, worshiping God and praying for Lorca. Our theatre group from church also was able to perform their skit and they did a wonderful job!!!!

Our Theatre group

Universo Rock

Victor Padilla

Our Worship team
Our pastors
Dina, siempre guapa, Nicholas' dear friend! 
Idk the name of this band but these girls were awesome!!!!!

They were a very animated chorus.


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Suzan--they tell a wonderful story :-)

  2. Wow, looks pretty powerful! That Dina is sure a cutie...