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Monday, October 31, 2011

To my Son

Life is Better with You

Is this feeling real? Cause sometimes I feel I'm dreaming and I don't want to wake up.
When I look at your smile my heart melts and all the troubles melt with it.
You are my everyday joy that warms my heart.
Have I told you how much I love you? Yes many times!
And so have you, through hugs and kisses, calling for mama every time we're apart.
My sweet boy, thanks for brightening up my day and giving me a reason to say: I love you!
Cause the truth is life is better with you.

My typical mom-to-be dreams became a sweet reality.
And all the fears that once existed faded away.
The no life after kids. Or what about my me time?
They all are gone as you little by little guide me in a way
that there is no other way to say,
Cause the truth is life is better with you.

And when the hard times come,
When nothing seems to satisfy your little heart
but only mommy's presence will do,
I remind myself of the feeling from the start.
When I look at you that is my clue,
Life is better with you.

So as I write down these words to say
Thank You God for my wonderful boy,
I wonder if one day,
you will read it and enjoy
the truth that is:
Life is always better with you.

Nicholas with mommy playing with Photo Booth


  1. Suzan! I've read your poem over several times, and come away lifted each time :-) Your words to your little boy are beautiful and special. They are a keepsake, something he will cherish when old enough to understand.

    And the photos are just plain fun!

    Miss you all. Our prayers are with you...

  2. Thanks Mom T. This is the first time I post one of my poems. It's a little intimidating but I thought well this blog is all about registering memories through photos and random thoughts, so why not. It's just simple words of what I feel : ) My little guy inspiring me in so many ways!

    We miss you all too!