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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Church Retreat - Mojacar 2011

Last weekend we had a church retreat in Mojacar, a beatiful village with wonderful views. It was an amazing time where together with other churches we praised the Lord, enjoyed our brothers and sisters in Christ, had a lot of fun, and ate like crazy - free buffet for all meals, can you believe it!!!!!

While I was there, the pastor asked me to take some photos and though I didn't have my professional camera with me, my faithful rebel 450D camera took care of the job (Note to myself, next time, take all my gear).

We had a wonderful worship team.

We had great speakers!

Our Talented Theatre Group.

Great Actors

And the kids also performed a beautiful dance.

 Nicholas had so much fun playing with his friends.

 My good friends.

Almost everybody from the group. 

 Me and Gina, going home.

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  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your weekend, Suzan--looks like it all had a wonderful time. And little Nicholas--my, my...cute as ever!