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Monday, March 8, 2010


This weekend was very fun! Party, good food, and girls night out! Also we went to get our 3D/4D ultrasound. I was so excited that we were going to see baby Nicholas.... but unfortunately, it didn't work out the way I was expecting! Baby Nicholas didn't show at all his face to us! For the whole time he had his arms covering his face! Man, the lady said some babies are stuborn and just don't want to move! Funny though that this little one moves all the time, but when we want him to move he decides to take a break! The good thing is she confirmed that it is a boy!!!! So, now I'll have to go back there on Tuesday to try again! Let's cross fingers that he is in a good mood by then!

Pic that I "stole" from my friend from saturday night!

Esse final de semana foi bem legal! Festa, boa comida, e tempo com minhas amigas! Tbm fomos fazer nossa 3d/4d ultrasom... aquela que da pra ver o rostinho do bebe, mas infelismente nao deu certo! Baby Nicholas nao mostrou seu rostinho a secao inteira.... sempre tinha seus bracos cobrindo seu rosto! Engracado que ele sempre mexe, mas justo quando queremos que ele se mov, ele resolve tirar um break! A coisa boa e que confirmamos que e um menino! Agora, temos que voltar na terca pra tentat novamente! Vamos torcer que ele esteja de bom humor!!!!

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  1. Maybe Baby Nicholas was playing shy :-)

    We can't wait to meet him--hope he isn't shy with his grandma and grandpa!!