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Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeding my artistic soul

Lately I've been thinking once an artist always an artist (Is it how they say it?). Well, what I mean is, when you're an artist, you need always something to keep feeding your creative soul, otherwise you'll die! Dramatic, I know, but you get the point!

As many of you know, this year I finally got my Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts. After so many years, and when I say many years I'm not exaggerating, I finally graduated. It's been a long journey since I started my university life. It started way back home, in Brazil, when I spent many hours without sleeping for an annual test to get in the best universities in the country. It's a process that is a pain in the butt called "vestibular". However, after I got in, (Man, it felt so good when I saw my name on the "Fuvest" list! Thank you Jesus!), I wasn't satisfied with my life and decided to take a break - I went to live in Japan to work and get in touch with my Japanese side (for those that don't know, I'm half Japanese). I always hear about age crisis, I guess I had one at 20 years old, hehehe... Well, that delayed my journey towards my degree. Once back, I was refreshed, more experience, and ready to finish what I started; however, things don't necessary go as we plan! Once again, I had to delay it for an awesome cause: I met my hubby!

I moved to California without finishing school, but always knew I'd some day go back to it! Well, after adapting to a new life, culture, and language, I started School again! I had to started from the beginning, which took even more time to finish it!

Although I was crazy busy all the time, I was doing something that I loved.  Theatre is something that feeds me, and I noticed when I'm not involved with it, I feel so lost! However, I had to take a break from it. After graduating, I had a choice to go for my Masters in Acting (got accepted and all...), but I needed to take a time out to dedicate time for my family! I think, as a woman, sometimes you have to give up certain things to have all! I wanted to start having kids before 30s and I knew if I went to my masters, it 'd be more 3 years full time without social life. It was a hard decision that I had to make. My acting couches kind got upset with me, but after praying and reflecting about it, I decided not to go.  And after few months I got pregnant!

It's interesting to see my time after I got out of school! I was occupied enjoying time with my mom who was spending some time here in US, enjoying my new home,  getting ready to get pregnant (which for my surprise it only took two months to get knocked up), and more and more getting involved with photography (which is my passion too, but a subject for another post!). As I was busy with all those things, I noticed that something was missing! God, I was lost and didn't know why! "I have an amazing life, so why am I still not satisfied?" That's when it hit me! Big and Bold, "I MISS THE STAGE!" I missed saying, "Sorry, I can't, I have rehearsal!" A famous line among actors!

So, there is no way I can live without theatre! That is why I got involved in another production. And although it's a small one with low budget, it is still a group coming together to create life on stage! And that makes me so satisfied!!! Plus, I'm directing a kids skit at my church. It's a small thing, but still it's something that keeps feeding my creative side!

It reminds me one of my favorite quote from a great Brazilian Artist: "While some people make theater," says Boal, "we all are theater." Therefore, I don't make Theatre, I'm Theatre! That's how God designed me to be, and that's how he wants me to serve this world! So, as long as I'm involved with it, professional or not, in big or small productions, my soul will be fulfilled!

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