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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hahahaha... my friends had to remind me I'm prego!

Being pregnant is such an interesting process! There are days that I feel tired and want to take a long nap, and there are days that I'm so "high" that I completely forget it. Last night I had so much fun with friends playing games, that they had to remind me to take it easy! Even Keith said, "Don't forget you're carrying a baby!" Don't worry though, I didn't do any extravaganza! I'm just so happy that I'm having a baby that I feel great! I don't know how to express it, but it's a wonderful joy! And I'm glad that for now I still have energy! I don't know how long it will last, but for now I'll just enjoy it!

Baby Nicholas is doing good! One thing that I've noticed - he likes music! Well, at least he reacts to it! Every time we play for him he kicks. I know I said he kicks alot, but sometimes when he's not kicking he starts it when we play music!

PS. Today is my hubby's birthday!
Happy b-day, more!

Estar gravida e um processo interessante! Tem dias que me sinto cansada e preciso tirar uma soneca, e tem dias que estou tao energetica que esqueco que estou gravida completamente! Noite passada me diverti bastante com meus amigos que eles tiveram que me lembrar pra manerar! Ate o Keith fez um comentario, "More, lembra que vc tah carregando um baby!" Nao se preocupem, nao fiz nenhuma extravagancia! Somente estou tao feliz que terei um bebe que me sinto muito bem! Nao sei como me espressar, mas e uma alegria maravilhosa! E estou contente que por agora eu ainda tenho energia! Nao sei ate quando vai durar, mas por enquanto so vou aproveitar!

Baby Nicholas esta bem! Algo que percebi e que ele gosta de musica! Pelo menos ele reage quando ouve! Toda vez que tocamos musica ele chuta! Sei que disse que ele chuta bastante, mas as vezes quando ele nao esta chutando ele comeca a chutar quando ha musica!

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