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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Tuesday was my 30th birthday and we went to Disneyland!!!! I told Keith I want to do something fun and since we were planning on taking Nicholas to Disney before we leave CA we decided to go on my birthday. It was sooooo fun!!!! There were a lot of people and it was very hot but we still enjoyed our time there. Experience Disneyland through Nicholas' eyes was a wonderful gift for my birthday. He was so mesmerized by everything, specially at "It's a Small World". He was pointing at the toys and clapping with the song... it was so cute! Also he enjoyed riding "Dumbo". I wasn't sure if he was going to be scared or not but he was totally fine! Late at night we watched the fireworks show by the castle (always my favorite thing to do at Disney) and he looked like he was enchanted by it, pointing at the sky and smiling! He had so much fun that at the end of the day he was worn out! We went to the "Pirates of Caribbean" ride to close the night and totally forgot that it had a little fall that can splash some water. Nicholas fell in a deep sleep while we were waiting in line that when water splashed right on his head he didn't even move! I was so shocked that he didn't wake up that I kept checking to see he was okay and breathing (I know, what a paranoid mom, I think that is one of the  motherhood's side effect for me :) Well, he was fine, but he was just very tired. When we were getting in the car to go home, he woke up for couple seconds in his car seat looked at us and just gave us the sweetest smile ever, spoke something in his own language and went back to sleep. In my heart, he said, "hey mom and dad, thanks so much for today, I had a blast!" hehehehe....

Here are some pics of the day!

Very happy

Here he was doing a baby sign for milk!

Hi Dad!

Flirting with some girls....

taking a nap...

Dude, look at my hair, I'm cool!!!! Just woke up from his nap.

Flying with Dumbo...

My boys!!!!

He punched Mickey's nose...

Their fireworks show is one of the best that've seen! My fav thing to see! 

The end of the night.

PS: We're still in CA working on our Spanish visas! It's been very frustrating, I won't lie, but I keep reminding myself how happy we were in Spain! So all of this tedious and bureaucratic process (that sometimes drives me into tears) is worth going through to go back there. 

Meu niver de 30 anos foi na terca e fomos na Disneylandia pra comemorar! Eu disse para o Keith que queria fazer algo divertido nesse dia e como ja estavamos planejando levar o Nicholas pra Disney antes de ir embora de California, resolvemos ir no meu niver. Foi super legal! Aproveitar a Disney com o Nicholas foi um presente maravilhoso! Ele ficou encantado com tudo, principalmente com o brinquedo "It's a Small World". Ele apontava pros bonecos, batia palminhas com a musica... foi muito fofo! Ele tbm adorou ir no Dumbo. Eu achei que talvez ele teria medo mas que nada, se divertiu pra kramba! A noite, assistimos os fogos no castelo (sempre eh minha coisa favorita da Disney) e ele estava maravilhado com tudo! Ficava apontando pro ceu e sorrindo. Ele se divertiu muito que estava capotado! Quando fomos no ultimo brinquedo pra ir embora, ele dormiu na fila. Esquecemos que esse brinquedo (piratas do caribe) tinha uma quedinha que molha. Meu bichinho estava tao cansado que mesmo agua caindo na cabeca dele, ele nao se moveu. Eu fiquei tao chocada que ele nao acordo que fiquei checando o tempo todo pra ver se estava respirando (paranoica, eu sei!) Ele estava bem, so estava cansado mesmo de tanta diversao. Depois quando estavamos no carro pra ir embora, ele acordou por alguns segundos, olhou pra nos, sorriu e "disse" algo na lingua dele (lingua de bebe que so ele entende :) e voltou a dormir.  No meu coracao creio que disse, Obrigado mamae e papai, eu amei hoje! hehehehe....
 PS: Ainda estamos em California pro nosso visto espanhol. Esta sendo um processo frustrante, mas sempre tento lembrar o quanto fomos felizes la na Espanha pra aguentar esse processo burocratico.


  1. It's dreary here this morning, rain with thunder and lightning, but I'm cheered up by seeing these pictures! You all look so relaxed and happy. Glad you had a chance to do something fun while you work through this visa thing. The pictures are wonderful...Love and hugs!

  2. Hi Susan... Keith sent me the link... I am SOOOO jealous of you´re day in Disneyland. Looks like yous had a great time. Keep working on the visa... and you´ll be back in Spain in no time. Brian.

  3. Hi mom t. I'm glad you like them! We indeed were very relaxed!!!! Some escape from this crazy process!
    Hey Brian, good to hear from you! Keith told me how much you guys love Disney! He had a lot of fun for sure!!