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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's play ABC game....

Things to be thankful for...

C-our Child....

...we went around the thanksgiving table saying the things we were thankful for that started with the letter of the alphabet... we got God's Grace, the Universe, future Papa, Fun time with Family, Snow... until we were done with the whole alphabet.
Many things to be grateful for... Here are some snapshots...

(Minha familia em Ohio comemorando o dia de Acao de Gracas)

Angelica with Tio Keith

I love this one. Angelica enjoying Grandma's reading.

Uncle Reed dramatizing the story.

La Familia

Uncle Mark, Uncle Reed, and Mom Turner.


We had a visitor.... well, he wasn't invited though! :-)

The charming "XX" Melissa and I couldn't resist him!hehehe...

1 comment:

  1. Well he IS pretty irresistible, what girl wouldn't want to sneak a kiss?

    I e-mailed my friend Michelle about our Thanksgiving ABC game and how Rufino said "universe" for "u" and she said that the only thing she could come up with for "u" would have been "uterus", so it was probably a good idea that she wasn't playing...haha

    I guess we do have to be thankful for that too, right?!

    I'm thankful that you guys were here to share the holiday with us!