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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

We had a wonderful dinner on Christmas Eve...
(Ceia de Natal....)


And on Christmas morning, before we opened out gifts, we spent some time celebrating Jesus' birthday! We had a new tradition now... everyone needed to choose and read one verse or passage from the bible that refers to Jesus' birthday! It was a very neat and emotional moment!

(Na manha de Natal, antes de abrir os presentes, celebramos o niver de Jesus! Temos agora uma nova tradicao... todos tiveram que escolher e ler um verso ou uma passagem da biblia referente ao nascimento de Jesus! Foi um momento muito especial!)

Time for the gifts!
(Hora de abrir os presentes)

Some gifts for mommy and baby!
(Alguns presentes para mamae e o bebe)

Nicholas got some hand made boots by grandma Turner
(A vovo Turner fez botinhas para o Nicholas)


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