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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Suzan Mayumi Turner. I'm a happy stay at home (expat) mom who does photography and theatre every time I get a chance. Here you'll find some glimpses of my life (now in Spain), my art, and my work. Feel free to drop me a line or two. I'd love to hear from you and make new friends!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


- have some wonderful photography and theatrical projects for the future that I'm very excited with!
- feeling very creative lately which helps with number 1!
- got a knew computer for my business that rocks my world! Editing is so much easier and faster now! A big thanks for my wonderful hubby for the wonderful b-day gift that made me feel wonderful! (Yes, I used wonderful three times in one sentence! Please don't tell Mr Grammar!)
- my boy is getting so big. He's 2 months old but looks way bigger! His sweet personality (and yet strong from time to time) makes motherhood a little easier than I thought it'd be!
- got my American citizenship - now I can say: I have Japanese skin, Brazilian hips, and an American passport!

- stayed too long without blogging.... not good for business, not good for f/f (family and friends)! 
- tendonitis- or whatever they call it (carpal tunnel or De Quevain syndrome)! I starting having it during my pregnancy and now it's getting worse. I talked with several moms that had it and for some of them it went away couple months after labor, for others they had to have surgery! Man, I really hope it goes away by its own. 
- weight loss- or should I say weight gain. Seriously, I'm having a hard time to loose the baby weight and part is my fault that is good with a fork (and  a spoon and chop sticks, hehehe....) and part is my slow metabolism that takes forever to burn calories! I'm trying to exercise more which helps, along with breastfeeding, but now I know that I need to start a healthy diet! Arh I hate dieting!
- selfishness- Ah, if there were less selfish people, the world would be a better place to live! I believe 99% of the problems come from it.

PS: We are all doing great! Baby Nicholas makes us laugh everyday! He is indeed the entertainment of the house! 

And here is a preview from a wedding photoshoot. More to come.



- tenho alguns projetos de teatro e fotografia para o futuro que me deixa bem empolgada!
- esses dias tenho estado bem criativa oq ajuda com o numero 1.
- ganhei um novo computador do meu maridao de aniversario  para o meu negocio que e uma beleza!
- meu bb esta tao grande, tem 2 anos mas parece que tem mais! Ele tem uma personalidade tao doce (mas as vezes forte) que ser mae e mais facil do que pensei que fosse.
- virei gringa, tirei minha cidadania americana. Agora posso dizer que tenho pele japonesa, quadril brasileiro e passaporte americano!!!!


- fiquei um tempo sem "blogar" - nao e bom pros negocios ou pra familia e amgigos.
- inflamacao nos tendoes- tive na gravidez e agora esta piorando. Algumas amigas que tiveram disseram que a dor sumiu depois de alguns meses, outras tiveram que fazer cirurgia. Espero que desapareca sem precisar de entrar na faca!
- perca de peso- melhor dizendo, ganho de peso- Esta demorando pra eu perder peso da gravidez. Parte e minha culpa por que sou boa de garfo  e parte do meu metabolismo que e lento pra queimar calorias! Estou fazendo exercicio aos poucos e amamentando, o que ajuda, mas tenho que entrar numa dieta! Que saco, detesto dieta!
- egoismo - Ah, se houvesse menos egoismo  o mundo seria um lugar bem melhor pra se viver! Acredito que 99% dos probs vem do egoismo.

PS: Estamos muito bem! Nicholas e a alegria da casa.


  1. parabens linda..u did great. u have a lot of accomplishments and a beautiful baby. ohh by the way u are losing weight. u look great. be patient. it takes time for most women, so i have seen. hihii. miss u guys and cant wait to play with nicolas..aahaha ta cada dia mais lindo. ahhh e as fts do casamento ficaram maravilhosas!!!!!!! amei!!!!!!!!!! vc e demais love u sis!!! beijao e parabens por todos seus bem feitos. beijao


  2. hey linda!!! Thanks for your kind words! How is our little peanut?
    lov u sis! bjs

  3. uauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!the wedding pictures are AMAYZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!
    if i could i would get married again,with the same hubby obviously;0)
    since i'm not getting married again i'll just trash the dress!!!!can't wait.you are one heck of a good photographer.